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Film Production Pathway



This course focuses on television and movie production. Students will convey creative expression and develop ideas individually or within a groups. They will learn industry-standard professional pre-production writing practices, and complete video projects based on scripts
and storyboards. Students will also write and produce television shows in a variety of formats. Instruction in the
creative process that precedes any movie or television project including writing, rewriting, collaboration and more
rewrites will be the main focus. Students will also study the impact of digital video on our society from a social,
economic, and political viewpoint. Students will learn the history of movie-making and technological advances in the
art form. Knowledge and utilization of microphones, digital video cameras, and digital computer-based
audio/video editing equipment, and software programs such as Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects.



*Pre-requisite: Film Production 1 - Students in Film Production 2 will have an active roll on the NVTV (Norte Vista Television) show crew (producing a segment, hosting, editing, sound/audio, camera operator, lighting technician, etc...)

This course offers students the opportunity to gain a profound knowledge of the television and film production industries, its history, and the careers involved. This occurs through visual
presentations, insightful analysis of film through reflective critiques, and by creating visual entertainment and
thought-provoking media. Students will also become knowledgeable of the inner workings of on-screen talent through the development and performance of scripts. Students will gain further technical training in the design and critique of
motion graphics and pictures as well as understand the psychological impact this digital media will have on their

NVTV Episode 1
NVTV Episode 2

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